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Classroom Connection 

A Different Way to Learn!

Students in all of my courses have the opportunity to learn how to work in a paperless environment! All of my courses are available online and all assignments are either submitted or published online as well.  The cluster map demonstrates how my classroom is connected!  The poster below compares a traditional classroom to my classroom. In addition, we use several other web based programs, services and links which connect to specific activities and projects.

This image helps students and parents navigate between various sites students use frequently in all of my courses.

This poster is hanging in my classroom. The top of the it shows how students receive knowledge in a traditional classroom and share what they have learned. The bottom of the poster shows how students receive knowledge in a 21st century classroom and how they share what they have learned. 

Welcome to My Classroom!

Students go to my website to access all of my courses and to get to my classroom blog. Parents, students, and community can view student blogs by going to either site.  Click on the images below to view my websites.

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